What You Should Know Before Blogging

What you should know before blogging is very vital and important. Blogging is very fun especially when you know what you’re doing. You don’t just woke up one morning and start up a business, no, it’s very important to know what that business is all about, by seeking for knowledge about the business in question, its advantages and disadvantages, the profits and loss of the business. I’m strongly believe that you’ve been or might have been looking for information about blogging, especially when you see those screenshots of successful bloggers some where on social media. If so, please permit me to say that you are on the right place, this article is geared to that.

What You Should Know Before Blogging - Simpletechblog.com
What You Should Know Before Blogging – Simpletechblog.com

For me, I will say it doesn’t matter if you’ve read articles about blogging before now or you’ve gotten an orientation about this profession, one important thing that I’m very sure of is the information I will be exposing you to on this article hasn’t been found on any other blog. It is going to be precise, and easy to understand for self interpretation.

I’m sorry to say, many writers has choose to give wrong information at times or give insufficient contents about blogging so that as some point, you as a beginner will go back to learn more from them by paying them some cash. There is no successful person out there that has not gotten help from somebody that is why we at simpletechblog.com will be giving you everything we know about blogging freely without expecting anything in return and in friendly way. We have passion to change lives positively.

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If you want to start blogging, I will expect you to read this article till the end. It will be of great advantage to you. I think I’ve been beating round the bush a little bit, so let me go straight to the main point.

Before you start blogging, I think you should know What is a Blog? Who is a Blogger? And What is Blogging?

Firstly, What is a Blog?

A blog is a unique webpage or site with unique address where information has been provided for people who are in need of them, i.e a blog is a specific type of website not all websites (all websites are not blogs). Although, the process of creating other websites is similar to that of a blog.

Now, Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is someone who owns a blog and provides unique and adequate information for people to read when the need arises.

What is Blogging?

Blogging simply describes what a blogger does with a blog. I hope this is understandable?

Like any other business, blogging is one of those business you can engage yourself in, for you to be able to make a good income. There is no limit to how much a blogger can make, permit me, I think it will be too early to start discussing that.

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Remember I said a blog is a unique webpage with a unique address, this unique address is what is known as Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Domain Name. URL or Domain Name is the address assigned to a webpage that tells a browser where the blog is located on the World Wide Web (WWW). For instance, the URL for this blog is www.simpletechblog.com.

Before starting a blog, you need to choose a niche and domain name. Niche here simply means what you want to be writing about, is it technology or relationships or politics or e.t.c. After deciding on what niche suits you and you’ve also gotten a unique domain name, all you need to do is to visit domain registrars and search if your domain name is available. The domain name you have chosen should be simple and easy to remember, it may contain the niche name. For example, our blog contains the word Tech, this will easily tell our readers and search engines that it’s a technology blog. After checking for the availability of your domain name and found available, kindly proceed by adding it to cart and pay for the selling fee attached to it. Some popular domain name registrars are NameCheap, Bluehost, GoDaddy, WordPress, among others that I couldn’t mention here. I wouldn’t say the ones I mentioned are the best out there, so you should do a little research before going for any.

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After paying for your domain name, you need to host it. Let brake this two things in a simpler form again.

A domain name is what people type to get to your website. Its your websites address on the internet. Think, simpletechblog.com or google.com or e.t.c.

Web hosting is where your blog or website live. Its your blog’s or websites house on the internet. Every blog or website needs web hosting. A web hosting is like a land that allows you to build a different kind of houses or allows you to cultivate anything you want as far as it’s your land. Host literarily, is the backbone of your blog. You must host your blog otherwise, you won’t make anything from blogging. A web hosting serves as storage, its allows you to add a domain, build a blog or website, gives you the absolute authority on the blog or website and ensure its security.

A question I would like you to ask me now is, if the URL or domain name is just the address, where is the blog or website itself? The website is located on the host, while your URL or domain name is pointing to your blog or website. What I’m trying to say in essence, is that, the URL or domain name is the addressing you hosted, which is where your blog or website live. Without web hosting, there will never be a blog or website. Host or web hosting is never free i.e you will pay a certain amount for it. The afore mentioned domain name registrars also offer web hosting. Hosting providers gives access to different hosting plans that may be suitable for your blog or website. For a blog, a shared hosting plan can be suitable for a start and later followed up by other bigger plans when your blog grows.

Some other popular hosting providers are Hostinger and HostGator. I will advice you to make a proper research across the web and read their reviews.

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Permit me to ask you a question. If a host is like a building, then what defines this building? Well if you don’t know, a theme is what defines this building. By the time the domain is connected to the host, you only need to integrate a blogging software and install the theme. Depending on the purpose of your blog, theme makes the pages look professional and help deliver your content to readers in a very standard layout. Of course, there are free themes, but at times, a free theme doesn’t satisfy your purpose of creating the blog. Knowing the purpose of a blog, visit websites like ThemeForest and search for themes that can help you for that. Make use of the live preview feature to see how its going to look like when you finally install it. If you are considering buying it, you simply do that.

In summary, to create a blog you need three major things.

1. A domain name.

2. A Hosting plan.

3. A Theme to make your blog looks good.

That’s all I have for you today, make sure you check back soon in our up coming article, where we will be discussing How To Blog As a Beginner. You can subscribe to our mail list to get it faster in your mail box.

Believe me you will really enjoy blogging when you start it. We can also help you to create or design an awesome blog like this, even more than this. Feel free to ask us any question(s) or tell us how you feel about this article. I just need a favor from you, please kindly share this article as much as you can. See you on our next article and do have a great day or night.

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