Virtual Private Network: Its Importance and How It Works

Ever had of Virtual Private Network (VPN), and how it works? If you haven’t, I now you might be asking yourself what a Virtual Private Network is, and why/if you really need it. The truth is, you might not need it until your/the needs for it arise.

Virtual Private Network: Its Importance and How It Works -
Virtual Private Network: Its Importance and How It Works –

Lets get to know what a Virtual Private Network is, its importance, and how it works, if you haven’t had anything about it.

Virtual Private Network;

Its a system or method of encrypting point-to-point logical connections across a public network, for instance, the Internet. It allows secure communication across a public network.

Importance of Virtual Private Network;

1. Its system of encryption protects your computer, data or files.

2. It provides a secure privacy.

3. It keeps you safe from hackers.

However, the only disadvantage of using a Virtual Private Network is that, it may slow down your Internet connection slightly, because of the additional processing power required to encrypt and decrypt data, as well as the routing of data through a third-party server that adds support to its process or journey. Typically, these speed hits are not noticeable.

Virtual Private Networks can range from free to $10US per month, depending on data limits and session times.

How Virtual Private Network Works;

I will use examples to explain how it works, I believe you will get the gist. For instance, Virtual Private Network is like a sub-marine that represent a remote user that has a secure Network installed, and we all know how safe as well as secure a submarine is. That’s how Virtual Private Network works, it provides security.

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If that’s not clear, I want you fellas to picture this scenario in your minds, just imagine there are two islands separated by water and trading with each other or a merchant transporting goods from one island to the other on a normal boat that can easily get boarded by bandits or pirates and his goods stolen, and lets say there is another merchant who owns a sub-marine (represents a Virtual Private Network) can transport much goods as possible as he wants safely, why because a sub-marine is almost impenetrable. I believe you get it right?

Some people are very reluctant about installing a Virtual Private Network, until a weird fella threatens to hack their property especially website or blog or other important thing, trust me, it won’t be funny at all, they will be very terrified, and no one will told them to get a Virtual Private Network.

So, I highly recommend you to get a Virtual Private Network to install and of course, make sure you get a good one while you are at it.

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