Steps To Disable Suspicious Services On Personal Computer

There are some common issues or problems with Personal Computers we wound have love to solve ourselves, but we don’t know how to solve them or maybe we don’t believe in ourselves when trying to solve these problems even if we do. This problems may includes; Hanging of Personal Computers, Overheating of Personal Computers, and Personal Computers not working or run properly. Despite the popularity of this problems, only few people neither know how to diagnose nor solve them. Meanwhile, this article is geared towards steps to disable suspicious services on Personal Computer i.e services that won’t let your Personal Computer run or work properly.

Steps To Disable Suspicious Services On Personal Computer -
Steps To Disable Suspicious Services On Personal Computer –

I was having this serious problem of slow and hanging processes on my Laptop, it seems almost impossible to work or do anything on it, so I had to do a research and I found this great solution which solved the problem of slowing down or hanging on my Laptop without using any software or formatting it. But after solving the hanging problem, it was still some how impossible to work properly on it, not knowing it was some services, I later found this great solution on how to disable services that won’t let a Computer or Laptop run or work properly, so I decided to share it with you guys, you might have the same problem and looking for solution, search no more because you’ve found it. In addition, if you’re having problem with installing some software like Microsoft Office, and others, this steps will help you too, all you need to do is disable the services and try again. Thank me later.

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Below are Steps To Disable Services On Personal Computers, That Won’t Let It Run or Work Properly.

Step 1; Click on “Start Menu”, then click on search and type “msconfig” (without the quotes).

Step 2; After the search completes, now click on msconfig or simply press enter key.

Step 3; Select the “General Option”, then check the “Selective Start” option and un-tick “Load Startup Items”.

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Step 4; Select the “Service” option, then tick the “Hide all Microsoft Services”.

Step 5; After ticking the option, now click on “Disable all” option.

Step 6; Click on “Apply” and “OK”. The system will ask you to restart or restart later, choose restart and allow the system to restart. That’s all.

If you follow the above steps, your Personal Computer will surely work fine again because the steps are very cool and efficient. Feel free to use the comments box below if you have any question(s) or any contribution.

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