an Alternative to Monetize Your Blog

The Yahoo and Bing Network for Contextual Ads program powered by is one of the best alternative to monetize your blog. It enables web and mobile publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. offers its publishers, a self-serve platform to create ads units that display a mix of relevant display and text ads for Desktop and Mobile traffic. It allows bloggers to get enrolled in their ads-serving program and earn big by displaying their adverts. an Alternative to Monetize Your Blog - an Alternative to Monetize Your Blog –

My own method of getting approval is a little bit similar to that of Google AdSense. But in the case of, your blog or site language must be English and must be an active blogger i.e you must be updating your blog especially when you apply. If you have taken the proper action into account while applying for Google AdSense, then you can apply for without any problem. Just make sure that you have no advert on your blog while applying for Google AdSense or, else you may not get approved. Meanwhile, I will teach you guys “How To Get Approved Into” sooner or later, just subscribe to get it in your mailbox.

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Affiliate Marketing can help to earn more better with your blog. Just like Google AdSense, that offers a PPC (Pay Per-Click) program with much emphasis on impressions from ads placed on your blog. takes impressions into account especially from traffic coming from the UK, USA and other European countries. If you have good traffic from the UK and USA, you have the potential to earn better with because you will earn good RPM depending on your niche and choice of keyword.

In conclusion, to get started with, visit and submit your website for review. You will be contacted via your email address if your request is approved or disapproved. Before you get started with, you need to be a blogger or website owner. Now the question is; How Do I Become a Blogger?

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