How To Make Money Online

Online businesses and jobs have claimed and has been proven to be the easiest way to success. There are millions of people working from the comfort of their homes that are living very fine. A good example is “Mark Zuckerberg”. I believe you’ve had of him before now. He’s among the top 10 richest people in the world. You too can also be successful by doing online businesses and jobs. What you need is determination and patience. I have friends that are living very fine, and they are working from the comfort of their homes. What determines your success is your determination.

How To Make Money Online -
How To Make Money Online –

If you’re the type that is looking for a white collar job, you are only wasting your time. Just start up something online, it can be blogging or selling eBooks online or working as a freelancer or e.t.c. Meanwhile, here is what you will need to start an online business.

1. Access to the Internet:- You will need and access to the internet. This could be a personal computer or a good smartphone with internet connection. Basically, I recommend a laptop with a modem. Personally, I am using an HP Laptop and HSPA Modem.

2. Subscription To The Internet:- Some guys asked me how to make money online without any investment. I don’t think this is possible. You will need some money to subscribe your modem to get access to internet. Anybody that want to make money online should be online most of the time.

3. Your Work Plan:- With the above two things in place, you are ready to start an online business. You need to create a miniature business plan. What type of online business do you want to do? What will you achieve if you do it? What will you do to achieve your aim?

4. Bank Account:- You will need a bank account to receive the money you will be earning.

5. Payoneer or PayPal Accounts:- This is needed if you like to do business that don’t pay directly to your bank account in your country. Most affiliate and freelance websites pay with Payoneer. So I will recommend it for you.

6. Patient:- This is needed as a prerequisite to make money online. Just like any other business, you have to wait for the business to grow before you start to harvest. One advantage of online business is that once the money come, it will continue to come unless you relent your effort. You need to be very patient because it takes time before you can or earn much from any online business. Remember, patience as they said, is the healthiest ingredient.

7. Honesty and Open Mindedness:- You have to be as transparent as possible to succeed in any online business. If you mistakenly or purposely scam anybody, just one bad review or comment about you is enough to tarnish your image online and everybody will be afraid of you if you are not even arrested.

8. Focus:- Be very focus. One big mistake most people make is lack of focus when they start internet business. They will create as many websites or blogs thinking that the more they create, the more they will make money. It’s advisable that you should take your time to research on your niche. Find a very profitable niche and stick to that until you make money from it. Once you create more that two blog, your efforts will be divided.

9. Unique:- Another mistake most people make is to trying to copy another person’s strategy. It’s good to have a mentor. It’s also good to follow a pattern that works but try and be unique in whatever you are doing. Do not involve in copy and paste blogging unless you are ready to do this. If you do that, you will have so many problems, either Google will refuse to index or rank your blog in search engine or refuse to approve you for AdSense. Even if you’re approved, you can still be charged for plagiarism.

Those are the few things you need to start an online business. Now let look at ways to make money online.

1. Working as a Blogger:- Blogging is one of the most lucrative and reliable business one can do online. What field or area are you good at? Is it Technology or Politics or Entertainment or Relationships or e.t.c. You can simply creat a webpage or a blog and start sharing your experience and insights with people and in return, you are generating revenue for yourself. If you’re looking for a way to start blogging, I will recommend that you read “What You Should Know Before Blogging” and decide if you’re for blogging or not. Recommended for you too is “Blogging; How To Make Money From It”.

2. Working as a Freelance Writer:- If you are a writer and enjoys writing a lot, it is high time you turn your passion into profit. What about writing for money? There are companies that need your writing and pay you immediately when you submit your writings. I have friends that earns from $60US – $150US daily. When they convert this money into their local currency, it becomes thousands. So why don’t you join the team.

3. Writing Contents for Bloggers:- You can be making money online by writing for bloggers. This kind of blogs that let you get paid when you publish an article for them are called “Revenue Sharing Blogs”. You can make money from revenue sharing blogs by publishing your content and the revenue generated by your content is divided prior to an agreement made.

4. Taking Online Surveys:- There are websites that pay people simply by taking part in their surveys. When you take part in surveys, you get to answer questions and fill out forms. It’s very simple and they pay you after completing the survey.

5. Testing Products:- Do you know you can test products and get paid? I doubted this too at first but I was amazed when I finally found out that it’s real. There are production companies that wish to test their new products before finally getting it sold to the public. These companies pay people who are ready to test their products. All they do is to send their products to your address anytime they need your service. You on the other end, test the products, give your reviews and get your money. Surprisingly, when you test products for certain companies, it finally becomes yours and there is no need to return. However, this doesn’t stop you from getting paid.

6. Buying and Selling Stocks:- Stocks is one big investment most people don’t do, but it pays very well. It doesn’t require any special skills to start making money online buying and selling stocks, you only need a stockbroker, There are many and major stock brokers on the internet. Engage in proper research to know the best and reliable ones before you start.

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7. Selling Stock Photographs:- If you are a skilled photographer, you have a big chance to make something big and better online. There are websites that could help you sell your photographs at good rates. This can be a good start for you.

8. Selling eBooks:- If you have an idea to sell and you’ve gotten a reasonable solutions to an existing problem, why not make use of it and get it written an an eBook? A lot of people doesn’t know that eBook can bring in more sales than you can ever imagine, especially, if you have written a solution about a trending problem and you are selling on the right platform. Most at times, eBooks sales more than hard copies. Because you can readily get it downloaded and accessed anywhere around the world which give it a better advantage over printed books. Also, you don’t carry eBooks like other hard copy books. Selling eBooks is a good way to make money online. You can’t predict how many copies you can get sell. Your ideas continue trending even when you are sleeping.

Well at this point, that’s all I have for you today, and I will keep sharing my experience, insights, and understandings on how to make money online in future posts. Subscribe to our mailing newsletter if you want to stay updated.

Feel free to tell us how you feel about this article and if you know any other ways to make money online, share your experiences or opinions below in the comments section. I just need one favour from you, please kindly share this article as much as you can. See you on our upcoming article and do have a great day.

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