How To Make Money Online as a Freelancer

On our previous post where we discussed “How To Make Money Online”, I listed working as a Freelance writer as one of the major way of making money online. On the post, I said making money online is not just about blogging. There are many other ways you can generates revenue online and that’s where Freelancing fall in. If you think blogging is or will be stressful and not easy to manage and setup, you can participate in Freelancing where you can get paid for your service. You know I only listed working as a Freelance writer and explain it a little bit. However, this article has done justice to everything you should know about working as a Freelancer.

How To Make Money Online as a Freelancer -
How To Make Money Online as a Freelancer –

Freelance or Freelancing in a simple term is a way of earning money by selling your work or services to several different organizations rather than being employed by one particular organisation. Online Freelancing is a way of solving problems or getting jobs done online based on the skills you have. A person that carried out freelance activities is known as a Freelancer. As a Freelancer, you connects with clients who need to solve certain problems that you can handle or have the skills to solve the problems, get hired for the job, after completing it, you get paid for your service.

There are lots of skills that can help you as a Freelancer which includes, content writer, projects writer, building plans designer, graphic designer, programmer, SEO specialists, online tutor, among others which I can’t mention. Just think of anything you can do, you can participate in Freelancing and earn money from your service rendered. All you need to do is connect with the appropriate clients and start making deals. However, you are your own boss, you decide how much to get a job done or get a problem solved.

As a Freelancer, you can easily connect with clients by creating an account with Freelance websites. Some of these websites allows you to create gigs that lets you specify what skills you have and how much you can render your service. While others are large Freelancing communities where Freelancers can showcase their talent. Meanwhile, to get the best out of Freelancing, you can engage with at least, two or three of these websites. I have friends that earns from $60US – $150US daily. When they convert this money into their local currency, it becomes thousands. So why don’t you give it a try.

Now, let’s quickly look at the best online Freelancing websites to make money from.

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Firstly, Top Gigs Freelance Websites Platforms.

Like I said earlier, gigs websites let you specify what you can do for an amount. For instance, I can choose to create a gig that says “I Can Help You Create a Blog for $150US”. I hope you get the gist? Now, let’s quickly read through the gigs freelance websites.

1. Fiverr:- this platform or community let you create gigs and specify how much you are willing to offer your service. There are over 3 million services on Fiverr. You simply create a gig for a skill you have and start earning.

To begin with Fiverr, all you need to do is create an account with them. After creating an account, next thing is to start creating gigs, stating what you can do and how you will get it done a particular price. Consider filling-out your profile as it is one of the most important thing that move business or gets clients closer to you.

A lot of Freelancers uses Fiverr. You should check out gigs that are similar to yours, in order to know how your gigs should look like, and also, pricing at Fiverr starts at $5.

2. Freelancer:– this platform has over 30 million professionals. These professionals includes project managers, project designers, graphic designers, web and app developers, content writers, social marketers, data scientists, SEO specialists and much more. Over 14 million jobs have been reported to have been completed on Freelancer. People who have used Freelancer has found it more similar to Fiverr.

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Now Let’s Look at Other Top Freelancing Websites Platforms.

There are other numerous Freelancing platforms that allows Freelancers to do what they know how to do best. Let’s quickly look at some of the best out of the crowd.

1. UpWork:- this platform has more than 15 million professionals. It is a Freelancing community that let you find Freelancers and Freelance jobs easily. As a matter of fact, UpWork makes it easier for Freelancers and business owners to connect and get engaged with each others. You too can also join the community as a Freelancer and start getting project offers.

2. oDesk Work:- it’s considered as one of the world’s largest online workplace. It brings business owners and Freelancers together and job offers can be easily communicated.

3. People Per Hour:- as it implies, it’s a standard Freelancing website which allows Freelancers to specify what they can do and get paid within an hour.

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4. Amazon Mechanical Turk:- this is an online marketplace or a crowd-sourcing marketplace for people who are willing to work as Freelancers by getting them across to business owners. Workers can work on businesses or offers in their comfort.

4. Guru:- this has over 3 million professional Freelancers on its platform that include, programmers, web developers, graphic designers, writers and e.t.c, which are available for hire.

5. iFreelance:- is a platform where you can find Freelance job offers. It’s one of the Freelance websites that provides the most effective and affordable ways for businesses and experienced Freelancers to connect.

6. Microwork:- it’s a crowd-sourcing platform where jobs are available to over 500,000 Freelancers worldwide. It allows Freelancers to create campaigns easily by choosing from their ready-made templates.

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That’s all I have for you today, and these are the Freelance websites you can join and make money online while you offer your service. I will keep sharing my experience, insights, and understandings on how to make money online as a Freelancer. Subscribe to our mailing newsletter if you want to stay updated.

Feel free to tell us how you feel about this article and if you know any other ways to make money online as a Freelancer, share your experiences or opinions below in the comments section. I just need one favour from you, please kindly share this article as much as you can. See you on our upcoming article and do have a great day.

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