How To Increase Blog Traffic

There are many ways to increase blog traffic, but unluckily, many of them cost a lot of money. For those that are just starting up a blog or trying to build one up without investing a lot of capital, this can be a problem. But notwithstanding, there are few ways to increase blog traffic for free.

How To Increase Blog Traffic -
How To Increase Blog Traffic –

For you to be able to make money from your blog, you need serious traffic, I mean like serious traffic. One of the important way to get traffic to your blog or website is from search engines and before you can get your blog indexed or search on these engines, you need to submit your blog to “Webmasters Consoles” which is absolutely necessary and free. For guide on this, read “How To Setup Search Engine Optimization For WordPress Blogs”.

Below are 6 other ways to get traffic to your blog for free;

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1. Article Submissions;

Some websites take advantage of on article posting sites to plug themselves and increase their web traffic for free. This works by writing an article on a topic that’s pertinent to the blog or website in question and then referring to the site at the bottom or within the body of the article. As long as the content is well written, this is a great way to increase website traffic for free.

2. Link Trading;

This is another way to increase blog traffic for free, which is to trade links with other sites, similar or not. Getting a website’s address out to potential viewers even in the form of a simple link is a very cost effectual way to increase likely visits. Many publishers use this great way to increase blog traffic for free by simply listing their “favorite” other sites under a links banner or a “We advise” heading.

3. Posting;

Posting links to a website on bulletin boards in chat rooms, on peer-to-peer sites and so on can also assist to increase traffic. To increase blog traffic for free in this way can take a bit of time and try, but it works well in the long run.

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4. RSS Feeds;

RSS feeds is one of most efficient sources of traffic to blogs and websites. You can try this, believe me you will smile for the results you will get. Many publishers make use of this.

5. SEO Content;

Search Engine Optimization like I said earlier is one of the most important way to get traffic to blogs and websites. As long as the content is valid, useful and takes advantage of keywords that are required after via major search engines, this can be a great way to increase blog traffic for free. Getting SEO content for free, of course, will need writing it yourself, but it can be done. Whether it’s a blog or a normal website loaded, content is one of the key ways to gain ranking on the Internet and drive traffic to a blog or website.

6. Viral Marketing;

Viral marketing is another way to attract targeted visitors offer a free product or service. Give it a try, it worth trying.

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