How To Create Blog Posts and Add Pages To Your Blog

Remember on our last post, i.e “How To Create a WordPress Blog”, I promised that our next post will be on “How To Create Blog Posts and Add Pages To Your Blog”. Since your blog has been setup to your taste, the next thing you should do is to add your pages like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Disclaimer”, and “Privacy Policy” as well as, writing Blog Posts or Articles. Remember that your aim of creating this blog is to share your knowledge with people and they are supposed to learn about you, know your terms and conditions, and of course, they should be able to contact you when they need your help or have suggestions for you. These are the necessary things you need to do. You are going to face some challenges as a beginner especially, when you see some blogs, you gonna say, ‘Oh May God! This Is Awesome’. Don’t worry, as time goes on, things are going to be easier. Let’s go straight to the point.

How To Create Blog Posts and Add Pages To Your Blog -
How To Create Blog Posts and Add Pages To Your Blog –

Blogging is not the only way you can make money online, you can also make money working as a freelancer, taking online surveys, e.t.c. As a time goes on, we will talk about them one after the other.

As a beginner, you don’t just login and start writing your posts inside your blog platform, you have to write it in MS Word or any other word writer, if you don’t have it on your PC, you have to install it. Why I’m saying this is that, typing directly in the editor most times can be frustrating and boring, to save your time, data, and stress, you have to write or type it in MS Word, then copy it, paste it in the editor and make a little editing before you publish it.

Firstly, Let’s Look at How To Add Pages To Your Blog (About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy).

To add pages to your blog, login to your Admin Dashboard, from the Dashboard, click Pages > Add New, on the next screen, type the title on the first box and the body on the second box, then scroll down and click Publish.

Now, How To Create or Add New Blog Post.

To create or add new posts to your blog, from your Dashboard, click on Posts > Add New, it will take you to the next screen which will be the editor where you can type, click the first box where you have Post Title and type the title of of your post, don’t worry about the link, immediately you click outside the box, the link will be generated, you can copy this link after you’ve published the post and share it where ever you want. The link is where people will be able to locate that post after it has been published. Click on the second box below and start typing the content of the post. If you’ve typed it already using word writer, just paste it in the box.

You can set the Headings, Numberings, Margin, as well as other numerous things to the content that suit your taste. You can also add Images to your post as well as Featured Images, these Featured Images makes your post look good on the front page.

Finally, when you are done writing the post, you can choose to either publish your post or save as draft. Saving the post as draft will not make the post appear on your blog until you publish it.

However, you can still edit or delete an already published post if you want to. To do this, click on Dashboard > Posts, and all the posts you have written so far whether published or unpublished will appear on the page, move your mouse across the title of any post you want to edit or delete, the edit and delete options will come up as you’re doing that.

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