How to Convert Documents from PDF to Word Format for Free

PDFs are often created and used when sharing vital information or documents in order for the documents to be seen in the same way by all users. As they are designed in such a way that changes can’t be made to them except when they are re-typed or converted to word/docx format, they can be quite difficult to use. For this reason, you may like to convert your PDF file to a Word document so that you can make changes to your text more easily.

How to Convert Documents from PDF to Word Format for Free -
How to Convert Documents from PDF to Word Format for Free –

Would you like to convert files from PDF to Word/docx formats? If yes is the answer, I will be clarify how you can easily convert documents from PDF to Word format even if they are scanned.

Documents that are converted to PDF format are permanent and cannot be altered, at least in PDF form, except selecting and copying of the raw file to Word. The difficulties often faced when using this method is that the text might be wrongly copied and not well-formatted.

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Meanwhile by converting from PDF format to Word/docx format which can be opened by Microsoft Word and other Word Processors can grant you the access to make edits to the documents without wasting much of time.

PDF to Word/Docx

Convert PDF to Word -

The process of converting documents from PDF format to Word/docx format is easy if the below well-outlined steps are properly followed.

There are several ways of converting a document from PDF to Word/docx. You can convert your files online or offline. Just follow the below steps.

How to Convert Documents from PDF to Word Online


  • A PC or Smartphone
  • Access to Internet

Method 1: Using Google Docs

Convert PDF to word -

  • To begin, visit on your PC or Smartphone, sign in to your Google account, and when it opens, click on New.

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  • After that, click File Upload, then select the PDF file you want to convert and click Open. The uploading process of the file will start immediately.


  • After completion, click on Recent and select the uploaded file.


  • After that, now click on the file and the three vertical lines close to Delete option.


  • Now, select Open with, then choose Google Docs. This will give you the access to open the PDF file in Google Docs.


  • Now, click File, then Download, and finally Microsoft Word.


  • At this point, you have successfully downloaded the uploaded PDF file as a Word/docx document. The necessary editing process can now begin.

Method 2: Using Websites

  • Launch your preferred internet browser from your PC or Smartphone, then visit


  • From the available options for conversion, select PDF to Word.

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  • Choose the PDF file you want to convert and upload.


  • When the file is uploaded successfully, click on Convert to Word.


  • Wait for a while till the file conversion is done, then download to your device storage.

Other similar sites that will help you convert your PDF files to Word are:, and

How to Convert Documents from PDF to Word Offline


  • A PC
  • Microsoft Word

Method 1: Using Microsoft Word

  • Make sure you have installed Microsoft Word on your PC.


  • Launch the Microsoft Word and select New document (this will open a new blank page).

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  • Click on File from the topmost-left, then select open.


  • Search for the PDF file you want to convert to Word/docx and select.


  • Proceed to open the file and Microsoft Word application will notify you of an attempt to convert the PDF file to an editable Word document.


  • Select Ok from the Prompt and wait for a while for the conversion.


  • After your PDF file has been converted, you can then start to make necessary edits to its Word/docx counterpart. You can also leave the converted file saved as a Word document or re-save as PDF format if you don’t want to allow further edits.

Note: Microsoft Word or Google Docs has been tested working for all PDF documents both scanned and unscanned.

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