How To Choose The Right Domain Name

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How To Choose The Right Domain Name -
How To Choose The Right Domain Name –

Choosing a domain name is the first step you take in blogging. Once you are comfortable with working online, you should buy a domain name for your blog. Domain name registration, if you do it right, is one of the key components of having your blog rate high in the search engines. The right domain name is memorable, and can get your blog to rank higher than others. The wrong domain name won’t do you any good at all. Most people end up choosing the wrong domain name by combining lots of words that will make it long and horrible. A domain name should be unique, simple, and easy to remember, it may contain the niche name. For instance, this blog contains the word Tech, this will easily tell our readers and search engines that it’s a technology blog. Assuming the domain name of this blog is, you just imagine that, how will you feel? Only the name will scare you away. But I named it, easy and unique. So below are some tips to prepare you for this task.

The Basics of Domain Name Registration;

The first thing you have to do is come up with a good domain name for registration. Don’t even think about a one-word domain name; they’re all gone at this point. Instead, come up with dual-word combos. If you’re putting together a professional site, try adding the blog niche or your name before anything else. Don’t get fancy with spellings when selecting your domain name registration. You can also try the names of products you offer, or a description of your site content offerings: Insurancehall, Romanceforgirls, Popcornpalace, Livetech, Healthstatus, e.t.c. Memorable is always better; short and memorable is best, but very difficult to accomplish.

Come up with a couple of dozen names that will do for your blog, and test them on a registry. Don’t buy a domain name for which the .com extension is gone, but you have access to the .net or .info. These domain names are not by any means as valuable as the .com. If you pick up the .com, though, and you expect the blog to be lucrative or have a lot of competition, it’s not a bad idea to pick up the other extensions as well. Domain name registration is NOT expensive, and if you register in bulk you can get an even better price.

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The .UK Extension;

This doesn’t mean you should avoid anything but .com. If you have a business in the United Kingdom for example, you have access to the .uk domain name set, which UK customers are likely to look at before anything else for UK-specific businesses. If you anticipate most of your business will come from British customers who are aware your business is in Britain, the .uk extension may be a better choice than the .com; and if your customers are unhappy with Internic’s control of Internet domain registration or they are very pro-Britain, the .uk extension is certainly a better choice.

If you’re fortunate enough to find both extensions for your domain open, and if you run a British company, it doesn’t cost much to buy them both, and you definitely should. It also gives your online presence an immediate “identity” geographically which can be crucial in building online relationships where trust is a key component. By being a .UK domain, you are very likely to gain UK clients. The .UK domains market is one of the fastest growing and lucrative registration areas on the internet.

Tips for Domain Name Registration;

Have a website ready to plunk into your domain as soon as you buy it, and submit it immediately to the search engines. The search engines take time to index new sites and your domain name registration is only as valuable as the search engines make it.

You can also have more than one domain name pointing at a single site. If you’ve bought multiple extensions for your domain name (as in the previously-suggested .com/.uk combination), you can set up your site under one domain name and then direct traffic from the others to the main site. This is called “Web Traffic Forwarding” and has been around for years. It may be as simple as parking your domain name on a server and putting a line of code on the page, or as complex as going through another blog to use their online web forwarding services.

When you do register a domain and start building traffic to it, go out and renew for multiple years before your renewal is due. It is surprisingly easy to forget to register your domain name on time, and if someone else sneaks in and registers it, you’ve just lost a ton of work on that domain.

By making your domain name memorable, you will help other webmasters remember your blog easily when building anchor texts in their links- a crucial component of SEO.

Finally, don’t just think about price when looking for a domain registration company- also think about quality of service. While you shouldn’t be paying over the odds, it really is better to be safe than sorry and go with the more established registrars. Then you can have peace of mind that should any problems arise, you will be well looked after.

Meanwhile, some popular domain name registrars are; WordPress, NameCheap, GoDaddy, among others. For a proper guide and more understanding, read “What You Should Know Before Blogging” and “How To Blog As a Beginner” or use the comments section below to ask us any questions.

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