How To Blog As a Beginner

The other day, we discussed “What You Should Know Before Blogging”, so after knowing what blogging is all about, the next thing you should know is “How To Blog As a Beginner”. It’s true that blogging is all about writing articles or maybe all about that, but permit me to say, you don’t just create a blog and start writing what my friends call “Garbage Posts” or what ever. You should know the rules that guide article writing while blogging, how you get traffic i.e visitors to your site, how you got search on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. So this article is geared to “How To Blog As a Beginner”.

How To Blog As a Beginner -
How To Blog As a Beginner –

Blogging as a beginner can be some how difficult especially when you don’t have the background knowledge about blogging. Of course, after setting up your blog, the next thing is to start writing what we called posts or articles. You don’t just write any how article and publish. You don’t write a short article that is not even up to 150 words and publish it or waste your precious time telling stories and call that article. What you are reading here today has been published by another blogger, but I took my time to customized it in an easier, simpler, self understanding way for self interpretation.

In blogging, the minimum required words that makeup an article is 300 words, there is what we called corner stone article, it’s a long article like the one you read before now. If you haven’t read it before click on “What You Should Know About Blogging”. So as I was saying, the minimum required words for a corner stone article is 900 words. Your article topic should be unique and simple and should also fall in or found in at least, the first 50 to 100 words before uploading a picture on the article. I believe you know how to count words while writing before now, if you don’t, I will advice you to do that. You have to make your blog articles simple and easy to understand, don’t use big grammars, it will make the article boring and not interesting. Give examples when it’s needed, make use of pictures or screenshots if possible to explain more in details about what you are saying because a picture speaks more than words. Try your possible best to make it unique, easy, and simple to understand.

In blogging, you don’t start making money immediately or making big money when you set it up or immediately you start writing articles, in fact, you don’t make money immediately you start any online business even other businesses you set up at home, it takes time, patient, and hard working before you can start making money from it. So free your mind about ‘let me setup and start making money’. In those days, I use to think blogging is just about setup and start making money, but I got the real gist when I setup my first blog.

In blogging, you need what we called traffic, as in serious traffic. Traffic here means visitors. You won’t make much from blogging if you don’t gets traffic to your blog, in fact, you won’t make any thing from blogging if you don’t gets traffic to your blog. I will teach you how to get traffic to your blog very soon, just make you subscribe to our mailing list to get it faster in your mail box or do visit our blog daily to check out for updates.

You also need to do what we called “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”, it’s very important and you must do it if you want your blog to get searched on search engines. I will also teach you this in future. Just make sure you subscribe for an easy reminder if you are a busy type.

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So at this point, I will say that’s all I have for you today, make sure you check back soon in our up coming article, where we will be discussing “How To Create a WordPress Blog”. And like I said earlier, you can subscribe to our mailing list to get it faster in your mail box.

Blogging is very fun, to me anyway. We can also help you to create or design an awesome blog like this. Feel free to ask us any question(s) or tell us how you feel about this article or give suggestion to help us update this article with the comments box below. I just need one favor from you, please kindly share this article as much as you can. See you on our next article and do have a great day.

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