Blogging; How To Make Money From It

Blogging is one of the most and legitimate way to make money online. Many people think that blogging is a scam or fraudulent activity. The reason why it’s not a scam or fraudulent activity is one; you pay for everything (i.e the domain name, hosting plan, SSL certificate, and other things), you spend lots of time writing articles or contents, you may pay a web designer to design it for you if you’re not a web designer, you even got penalize for plagiarism that’s to say, no copy and paste of articles, among other things that make blogging difficult. It takes time and patience before you will make money or big money from blogging and of course, any online business. Blogging is like any other business we invest our money into, the only difference is that it’s online, the more serious you are, the better, easier and faster for you to earn from it. Now, let look at ways to make money from blogging.

Blogging; How To Make Money From It -
Blogging; How To Make Money From It –

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There are many ways to make money online as a blogger, which includes;

1. From Google AdSense.
2. From Affiliate Programs or Marketing.
3. By Writing Sponsor Articles.

1. From Google AdSense;

Google AdSense is a program owns and run by Google through which bloggers and website publishers in the network of articles or content sites serve text, images, video, and interactive media advertisements which are targeted to the site articles or content as well as their audience. The advertisements are operated, administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. These advertisements generates revenue on either a Per-Click or Per-Impression basis, and e.t.c. Google AdSense is the easiest way to make money online because you earn money from it in many ways, for instance, if visitors sees your adverts, you get paid, if they click on it, you get paid, if your adverts displayed for a specific time, you get paid. Your earnings can be in Pound, Euro, Dollar, or e.t.c. Many bloggers and website owners are making lots of money from it everyday. Creating articles or contents takes time, especially when trying not to be charge for plagiarism, so why won’t you get paid for your time and money as a blogger.

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2. From Affiliate Programs or Marketing;

Affiliate Programs or Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more Affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the Affiliate’s own marketing efforts. It is the process of earning a commission by promoting other company’s products on your blog or website. It also involves text, images, video, and interactive media advertisements. Affiliate Programs or Marketing are a little bit different, that’s to say, you don’t get paid from Per-Click or Per-Impression, your payment is based on your sells i.e your visitors will see the adverts on your blog or website, click on it and buy the product before you get a share from it.

3. By Writing Sponsor Articles;

In a simple term, this is a way of writing articles or contents for other bloggers or web owners and get paid for it. If you know how to write articles or contents very well, you can start writing for other bloggers and get paid. It’s one of the easiest way to get paid online even without owning a blog. Just make a little research with Google to know the sites that offers Sponsor Posts or Articles or Contents.

Blogging is a very lucrative business, if you are good in any field like technology, health, relationship, politics, e.t.c, you can start working as a blogger by sharing your knowledge with millions of people on the internet and get paid for it. If you’re interested in blogging, here is “What You Should Know Before Blogging”.

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