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Hello and thanks for taking time to know more about us. It’s nice having you around. We hope that you will visit us often for more helpful updates on your quest to become financially free while working on the internet world.

Simpletechblog.com is a technology blog designed with positive aim to make people who want to earn money from online especially, from blogging, to be financially free on their quest to become what my friends call MMM (Money Making Machine) by participating in legitimate jobs on the internet.

We’ve made made this articles easier and explain them in details for you, also, how to go about engaging in this online jobs, and also helping you to decide which is best, and how successful you can be in this online jobs. But this website is mostly geared to blogging and other technology articles as this is the most stable way of earning from online and its impact on developing people, I mean serious minded people.

We take quality time to write our articles in an interesting way and make them simple i.e non-ambiguous, in order to make our readers understand and to be able to interpret them well, when making use of our ideas. Also, we’ve made the commenting feature available below on every article published on this website, in order to have an interactive discussion and to help you express how you feel about our articles.

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