4 Features You Should Disable On Your Smartphone

Our Smartphones comes with varieties of amazing stuffs, cool opportunities and other awesome features that makes life easier, among the features, there are 4 features you should disable right away, in order to increase its performance and of course, battery life.

4 Features You Should Disable On Your Smartphone - Simpletechblog.com
4 Features You Should Disable On Your Smartphone – Simpletechblog.com

Below are The Four (4) Features You Should Disable on Your Smartphone.

1. Animations and Transitions Feature;

Having animations feature disabled on your Smartphone will definitely makes the transitions faster. Follow the below steps to get animations disable.

From your Smartphone Menu, launch the Settings App and Scroll to Developer Options, Scroll to find Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animation Duration Scale, and then deactivate it.

2. Pre-installed Applications Feature;

These Pre-installed Applications takes up your Smartphone space and also run in the background, which may reduce your Smartphone performance and draining the battery. So therefore, these applications needs to be disabled / uninstalled if possible.

3. The Adaptive Brightness Feature;

The Adaptive Brightness feature increases power consumption and the battery will of course, be affected in the long run. So for your own good, turn it off and calibrate the brightness yourself.

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4. Vibrations and Sounds Feature;

The Vibrations and Sounds features can be very irritating, meanwhile, irritation have an impact on your Smartphone’s performance. Follow these steps to disable them.

From Your Smartphone Menu, launch the Settings App, then navigate to Sounds & Notifications, after that, disable Dial Pad Sound, Screen Lock Sound, Charging Sound, Touch Sound and Vibrate On Touch.

If you have the above mentioned features disabled on your Smartphone, you will of course, enjoy its good performance and battery life.

Did you know any other features to be disabled? Use the comment box below to inform us.

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